After adult beverage giant Anheuser Bush suffered significant conservative backlash for a woke marketing blitz that used transgender model and activist Dylan Mulvaney as its face, one conservative dad and former Trump campaign employee decided to give right-leaning consumers an alternative.

Ultra Right Beer, described by founder Seth Weathers as a ‘100% Woke Free American Beer’, is available for pre-order online and will be shipping to customers around the country in May of 2023.

Despite the high price tag of $19.99 for a six-pack, Weathers said that he has already received thousands of pre-orders.

Ultra Light Beer is just one example of conservatives stepping up to create products that provide an alternative for consumers who are tired of woke pandering.

In a video unveiling his product, he quipped that Americans have been drinking beer from a company that ‘doesn’t even know what restroom to use’.

Anheuser-Busch CEO Brendan Whitworth issued a statement yesterday in response to conservative pushback against the company’s woke marketing tactics.  People were quick to criticize the statement for its absence of an apology and Whitworth’s attempt to play both sides of the issue.

The New York Post Reports

Move over Bud Light. Here comes Ultra Right.

A former Trump campaign manager-turned-social media influencer who calls himself “Conservative Dad” is peddling a new “woke free” beer in an online ad where he smashes a can of Bud Light with a baseball bat in response to the company’s branding deal with transgender social media activist Dylan Mulvaney.

Seth Weathers, who describes himself as the CEO of a Georgia-based “uncensorable” conservative lifestyle brand called Freedom Speaks Up, posted the now-viral commercial for his brew.

Ultra Right will “give conservatives another alternative, another company to buy from rather than a company that literally opposes everything conservatives stand for,” he told Newsweek.

A six-pack of the suds will cost $19.99 — nearly twice the price of a six-pack of Bud Light — and be available in 42 states when it goes on sale next month, according to his website.

Weathers told Newsweek that the response has been “absolute insanity” and that there are “thousands” of pre-orders.

In his 58-second Twitter video, Weathers said Bud Light was an “iconic American brand” that has alienated conservatives.

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