Glenn Jacobs, the WWE wrestler known as Kane, has won the bout for mayor in Tennessee’s third largest county, Knoxville…Jacobs won in a landslide with 66.5% of the vote.

He ran as a Republican but is a self-described Libertarian:

The great thing about libertarianism is [that] it really is the American Dream—it is the ability of everybody to live their life, to build their life, according to what they want so long as you don’t hurt anybody else.” -Glenn Jacobs

Jacobs took the stage last night after a surprise upset to become mayor…

He’s a self-described Libertarian who is for smaller government and lower taxes.

He hasn’t ruled out continuing to wrestle during his tenure as mayor saying he would consider a pay-per-view match in Knoxville, Tennessee. Jacobs began wrestling in the 90’s and has amassed a huge following.
We say more power to KANE during his tenure in politics!

President Trump has a connection to the WWE…Remember the great video of Trump wrestling CNN? It went viral…It’s hysterical!



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