President Biden is set to give the State of the Union address on Tuesday evening in what will likely be the most tense address he’s given since taking office.

Biden has a number of looming scandals plaguing his administration, including an investigation in to his son Hunter Biden, an active investigation in to classified documents that were misplaced at his personal residence, and the presence of a Chinese spy balloon last week that was not shot down until after it left US airspace.

This State of the Union Address will also be the first for Biden where he will be forced to give it in a Republican majority House, which will lead to added tension as Republicans are expected to stifle much of his agenda.

With each member of the House being allowed to bring a guest, some have already publicly announced guests that are meant to make a political statement, including Representative Lisa McClain (R-Mi.).

McClain plans to bring swimming star Riley Gaines, who has been one of the most outspoken activists opposing transgender athletes in women’s sports.

FOX News Reports

Former Kentucky women’s swimming star Riley Gaines will be attending the State of the Union as a personal guest of Rep. Lisa McClain.

Gaines is a 12-time All-American champion and a 5-time SEC champion.

She is a spokeswoman for the Independent Women’s Forum and a regular advocate of keeping transgendered athletes out of women’s sports.

“I couldn’t be more excited to attend the State of the Union address alongside Representative McClain,” Gaines said in a news release.

She continued, “Not only is she an amazing leader and congresswoman, she has been an integral part in protecting women’s sports on the basis of sex. She truly knows the value of female-only spaces and how sports empowers young girls. She will relentlessly fight the Left’s subversive war on women. Thank you, Representative McClain.”

Gaines has been at forefront of making sure female athletes have an equal opportunity to perform in women’s sports as the debate over transgender females’ eligibility has risen over the last few years.

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