Upon taking office, Biden issued a 100 day halt on most deportations, stopped construction of President Trump’s border wall, and ended his “remain in Mexico” policy.  President Trump saw illegal immigration reach a 17 year low during his administration.

The result has been illegal immigration reaching unprecedented levels, with border apprehensions reaching over 1.7 million in 2021.

The former CBP Commissioner said that the United States has ‘lost control of the southwest border’.  In November, 95,000 illegal immigrants were released in to the United States with no court date.  In February, the border patrol union said that they are lucky to seize 5% of fentanyl pills coming across the border.  Overdose deaths topped 100,000 in the United States in 2021 according to the CDC.

While the Biden regime seems content to do nothing about the shambolic state of our border, Texas Governor Greg Abbott has stepped up to the plate and decided to continue construction of the southern border.

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Governor Abbott began said in an exclusive interview with Eagle Pass:

“Texas is the first state ever to build a border wall.”

“A lot of the border wall is being built by border wall material that there was a contract for, Texas bought it from contractors who built the wall for President Trump,” he said.

“We’re building the exact same wall.”

“In addition, a lot of people saw on TV a lot of these border wall components like this that were just laying on the ground, that taxpayers had paid for,” the governor added.

“Biden chose not to build the wall.”

“We found a way, by going through the surplus program of the federal government where Texas would be able to obtain these border wall panels, and we obtained as much as we could, until Biden found out about it,” Abbott explained.

“He put a stop to Texas being able to get it.

“There may be some other ways that we will be able to get more.”

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