In the last two weeks, the rollout of the ‘Twitter Files’ confirmed what many people already knew about the government’s role in colluding with tech companies to censor free speech online.

The files showed extensive coordination between Twitter executives and middle management and officials at the Department of Homeland Security, which attempted to roll out a ‘Disinformation Board’ last year that was scrapped due to public scrutiny.

The focal point of the issue occurred when Twitter censored a New York Post article that revealed the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop, effectively tipping the scales in Joe Biden’s favor in the 2020 Presidential election.

Today, President Trump rolled out a pro-free speech platform after announcing that he would run for President in 2024 last month.

The platform included provisions that aim to reign in both big tech censorship and censorship on college campuses, as well as holding government bureaucrats accountable who have suppressed free speech.

Revolver news laid out Trump’s pro-free speech platform.

Revolver News Reports

  • Executive order banning federal department or agency from colluding to censor, limit, categorize or impede the lawful speech of citizens.
  • Ban federal money from being used to label domestic speech as mis- or disinformation.
  • Identify and fire every federal bureaucrat who has engaged in domestic censorship, directly or indirectly.
  • Order the DOJ to investigate all parties involved in the new online censorship regime and aggressively prosecute any and all crimes identified.
  • Urge House Republicans to immediately send preservation letters to the Biden administration, the Biden campaign, and every Silicon Valley tech giant.
  • Ask Congress to pass bill revising Section 230 to get big online platforms out of the censorship business. Digital platforms will only qualify for immunity if they meet high standards of neutrality.
  • Require platforms to increase efforts to take down unlawful content, and curtail their power to arbitrarily restrict lawful speech.
  • Break up the entire toxic censorship industry that has arisen to fight so-called mis- and disinformation.
  • US universities who have engaged in censorship activities in the past will lose federal research dollars and federal loan support for a period of five years.

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