The US government has finally admitted that five FBI informants were involved with the Oath Keepers group. FBI officials have consistently been asked if they were involved in the events surrounding January 6 and have refused to answer.

It has also been kept secret that not one of the FBI informants was able to produce evidence against the group.

Defense Attorney David Fischer said, “What the Government knew—but only recently disclosed to the Defendants—was that none of the CHSes provided evidence of guilt on the part of the Oath Keepers as an organization or the individual Defendants in this case.”

Fischer said that the defense attorneys were just told that one of the informants would take the stand to testify against five Oath Keeper members, including leader Elmer Stewart Rhodes III.


Julie Kelly points out that the charge against the Oath Keepers is so absurdly obscure that no American has been convicted of seditious conspiracy. Yet the defendants are being threatened with life in prison. In light of such heavy sentencing, it is troubling that government agencies, including the FBI, refuse to be transparent about their involvement.



GOP Senators have also been blocked from obtaining a clear picture of what occurred. During Senate Judiciary Committee hearings, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) and Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) have been unsuccessful in obtaining information about FBI involvement on Jan 6. Cruz and Cotton demanded answers about the identity of Ray Epps. Epps was shown in video footage encouraging protestors to enter the capitol building yet has not been brought in on charges.

FBI assistant director for national security Jill Sanborn refused to answer questions. When Sen Cruz asked whether Epps worked for the FBI, Sanborn was unwilling to answer. According to Epoch Times, when Cruz asked whether federal informants participated in the riots, encouraged the riots, or removed barriers.

Sanborn responded,

“I cannot answer that,” to every single question.

Prosecutors have also asked that Oath Keepers defense attorneys be barred from obtaining personal information that would help identify informant witnesses, including whether they have trained for the FBI or CHS program, birth dates, and participation in other investigations.

“The protections requested herein, while minimally restrictive, would ensure the integrity of any ongoing investigations and reduce the security threat posed to any testifying CHSes,” prosecutors said. Obama-appointed Judge Amit Mehta has not decided if identifying personal questions will be allowed.

The federal indictment called the “Rhodes Plan” charges the Oath Keepers with stockpiling firearms and attempting to prevent counting the Electoral College vote to disrupt the 2020 elections.
Defendant Rhodes has said that the firearms were legal and necessary in case Trump issued the Insurrection Act and needed a militia to guard against Antifa.

In a response to the indictment, Defense attorney Fischer said “The defendants are entitled to examine the totality of the government’s investigation and prosecution for the purposes of undermining the jury’s confidence in the work done and the conclusions reached by the agents and prosecutors over the course of the past 20 months.”

The filing went on  “The FBI chose to ignore the exculpatory information and has, with prosecutors, “’reverse-engineered’ the existence of such a ‘plan’ through selective use of ‘evidence’ it has cherry-picked out of context while ignoring all evidence to the contrary.”

American’s confidence that they will receive a fair trial, free from government ensnarement has certainly been eroded under Democrat leadership. Political control, rather than the rule of law appears to be guiding the January 6 trials.


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