On Friday, Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey gave a statement rejecting a woke pre-k educator resource book distributed to Alabama teachers which aims to teach four years olds about lgbtq+ sexual behavior and that they are inherently racist.

In a press release, Ivey’s office said it “was brought to the Administration’s attention that there was concerning content in a pre-K educator resource book, content that is simply not in line with what the Ivey Administration or the people of Alabama stand for or believe.”

Gov. Ivey

In response, Ivey’s office ditched the head of Early Childhood Education, Barbara Cooper, and the “woke” teacher resource book. Cooper was forced out after Ivey expressed concern over the distribution of the book to state-run pre-kindergartens. In a statement, Ivey reiterated her commitment to true learning and rejected woke curriculum saying,

“The education of Alabama’s children is my top priority as governor, and there is absolutely no room to distract or take away from this mission. Let me be crystal clear: Woke concepts that have zero to do with a proper education and that are divisive at the core have no place in Alabama classrooms at any age level, let alone with our youngest learners.”

She continued,

“Alabama’s First Class Pre-K is the best in the country, and those children are at too critical of a juncture in their educational journeys and development to get it wrong. I remain confident in the wonderful teachers we have in pre-K classrooms around our state and in the necessity of our children receiving a strong start to their educational journeys in our First Class Pre-K program,” Ivey added. “I thank Dr. Cooper for her service, but I believe it is best we continue this historically strong program on its forward trajectory under new leadership.”

Barbara Cooper

Dr. Cooper not only oversaw the distribution of the “woke” teacher resource book across Alabama, she also sits on the NAEYC board that endorsed the book. The organization’s website even cites Cooper commending the book, which she said teaches “applicable skills for teaching through developmentally appropriate practices that build brains during the critical first five years of life.” Apparently, Dr. Cooper believes it is okay to groom four-year-olds.

The resource book in question is called the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) Developmentally Appropriate Practice Book, 4th edition. The NAEYC is a national accrediting board tasked with providing educational materials and resources for young children.

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