Talk about projecting! On Fareed Zakaria’s CNN show, former New York Times editor Jill Abramson decries “false equivalency” between Democrats and Republicans, saying Republicans are disproportionately responsible for the divisive political climate. HUH? This angry shrew is showing just how much she is blinded by hate!

ED LUCE: It’s very hard to imagine how civility can ensue when people don’t even meet each other or live near each other who hold different positions or let their children marry or wish their children to marry people of different views. So that’s my concern, there is no public square.

FAREED ZAKARIA: Jill, you’ve written that you think that while all this is true, this is not a situation where both sides are equally at fault.

JILL ABRAMSON: I do think that both sides are not equally at fault, and that there’s been a bit of a false equivalency at work, especially in the discussion over the past couple of days. I think that in terms of political leadership right now that both President Trump and the congressional leadership on the Republican side are extremely divisive and that they are really benefiting from a kind of rage machine that operates in this country.

This woman must have been in a coma for the past couple of years!

Does she NOT remember the horrible attacks on conservatives during the 2016 campaign?

Does she not remember the 2016 Inauguration?

Oh, how about Berkeley?

There are just way too many examples of the left’s unhinged violence and rhetoric. From the leaders of the Democrat Party to the George Soros sponsored Antifa thugs, we can say without any hesitation that this woman and all others who refuse to see the problem are seriously delusional and blinded by their hate.

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