Hillary and Huma met up at the New York campaign office for 5 hours. While Huma has been “frozen out” by the other Hillary loyalists, it appears as though Hillary is loyal to Huma.

Could there be more to the story on this?  


The two were seen on the street exchanging parting chit chat…Huma can be seen smiling at Hillary. Hillary chose to be make-up free. That’s her look these days. She wore glasses that are a similar frame to the ones she wore after her ‘accident’.

 The one thing that stands out is the odd top/blouse that Hillary wore. It looks like the bubble drapes were taken off of the rod and made into a shirt. What the heck is she wearing? Carol Burnett in the skit with the drapes keeps coming to mind. If anyone out there knows what that is….please fill us in…

3b95096300000578-4059868-image-m-14_1482441470264 Read more: Daily Mail 


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