Democrat Rep. Al Green (TX) appeared increasingly flustered after CNN’s Kate Bolduan repeatedly asked him about his failed efforts to impeach President Trump. Green, who is not likely used to being challenged on the low-ratings cable network that doubles as a Democrat Party communications department, reached up and removed his earpiece before walking off the CNN set the middle of the interview.

The Daily Wire reports – Green led impeachment proceedings against Trump on Wednesday that embarrassingly went down in flames. The Democrat’s resolution was rejected by the House 332 to 95 — the “no” votes included 137 Democrats.

“You have now tried three times — 2017, 2018, and now 2019 — bringing impeachment to the floor; they’ve failed. Is this one the last one that you’re gonna try?” asked Bolduan.

“It’s absolutely not,” answered Green, noting that he believes Trump “will be impeached and I believe that it is our duty to do so.”

The CNN anchor then suggested Green’s failed vote was fueling Trump’s base and pressed the Democrat over House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s repeated opposition to impeachment efforts.

“Donald Trump is using your effort, and the vote, to rally the base. He talked about it … last night in North Carolina. Are you playing into his hands?”

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“The base is not the American people,” Green said dismissively. “The American people don’t wanna tolerate bigotry; I just have faith in the American people. And I will continue; we will march on until victory is won.”

“Nancy Pelosi is also going to stand up against bigotry,” said Bolduan, “but she has been very clear about the path forward for Democrats on impeachment.”

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What do you think about a core group of angry Democrats who won’t let go of the dream to impeach President Trump. Are they harming the Democrat Party and their chances to win elections in 2020? Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

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