Joe Biden arrived in Hiroshima on Thursday for the G7 Summit where he so far has appeared confused and disoriented, nearly falling down a small set of stairs.

Ahead of the summit, Biden attended a meeting on Thursday during which he referred to Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida as “president.”

“Mr. President, it is wonderful to see you again,” said Biden. “And, uh, here in your own hometown, the uh, thank you for hosting the G7 Summit here.”

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On Friday, Biden met again with Prime Minister Kishida.

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During this meeting, Biden seemed out of it as his wife led him by the hand toward Kishida and his wife. After greeting each other, the couples moved over to pre-marked spots to pose for photos.

Biden, however, seemed confused by this notion and stood staring at the floor while Kishida and Jill Biden tried to show him where to stand. As Biden slowly shuffled over to his spot, Jill joked, “We’ll figure it out,” as everyone waited for the 80-year-old president to figure out where to stand.

Later that same day, Biden arrived late for a tour of the Itsukushima Shrine. The other world leaders in attendance had already begun their tour when Biden made an appearance.

After slowly making his way toward the rest of the leaders, Biden found himself staring down a small flight of steps which he nearly fell down. After tripping, he managed to catch himself and avoid a full faceplant at the bottom.

Brushing it off, he greeted Kishida who was waiting for him.

After the tour, Biden and the other world leaders posed for a group photo which he miraculously was able to find his spot for.

Joe Biden posing with other world leaders in front of Hiroshima Memorial

A recent Washington Post-ABC News poll revealed that 63% of Americans don’t think Biden is mentally fit to be effectively leading the United States. 62% don’t think Biden is physically fit to be the country’s commander-in-chief.

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