A group of 376 Central Americans illegally crossed from Mexico and inundated agents in on Monday morning. Almost all were families or unaccompanied juveniles.

This is one more example of why we need a border wall. There isn’t enough manpower to stop these people. The wall would keep the border patrol from being inundated by hundreds of migrants but the policies need to change too. The immigration policy we have now incentivizes the Central Americans to come to the border because they know they will be released into the U.S.


“Migrants can be seen marching toward Border Patrol agents by the hundreds. Smugglers dug a series of seven holes, only a few feet long beneath the steel border fence, with hundreds going beneath the wall and a smaller number clambering over it.”

The border patrol posted video below of the group trying to cross. They just keep coming because they know they can get through and will be released. They’re overwhelming the detention system so they will be given a ticket with a date for an immigration hearing and then never show up like most of the immigrants.

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We need the wall but we also need to change so many loopholes in our immigration system to make it harder for these people to work their way in.

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Additional footage of #YumaSector Border Patrol agents processing the group of 376 Central Americans on Monday. #NationalSecurity #SouthwestBorder

A child sex offender who crossed with the group was arrested by the border patrol:



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