The leaks continue to drip, drip, drip…A Devin Nunes letter to Dan Coates is explosive in that it reveals more requests for unmasking…HUNDREDS OF REQUESTS! It’s also important to note that Nunes was concerned because the requests “lacked a specific intelligence community justification”. These requests increased towards the end of Obama’s presidency….Hummm

House Intelligence Chairman Nunes sent a letter to the FBI, “The letter was provided to The Hill from a source in the intelligence community“, and outlines a massive amount of unmasking done by Obama officials in 2016:

“We have found evidence that current and former government officials had easy access to U.S. person information and that it is possible that they used this information to achieve partisan political purposes, including the selective, anonymous leaking of such information,” Nunes wrote in the letter to Coats.

In Thursday’s letter, Nunes said the total requests for Americans’ names by Obama political aides numbered in the hundreds during Obama’s last year in office and often lacked a specific intelligence community justification. He called the lack of proper justifications a “serious deficiency.”

His letter noted requests from senior government officials, unlike career intelligence analysts, “made remarkably few individualized justifications for access” to the U.S. names.

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“The committee has learned that one official, whose position had no apparent intelligence related function, made hundreds of unmasking requests during the final year of the Obama administration,” Nunes wrote. “Of those requests, only one offered a justification that was not boilerplate.”

Sources familiar with the Nunes letter identified the official as then-U.N. Ambassador Samantha Power.

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Power did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Nunes also wrote that “Obama-era officials sought the identities of Trump transition officials within intelligence reports.”

If you’ve been watching and listening to Sara Carter of CIRCA News then you’ve been hearing this information for some time: Below is our previous eyeopening report on the “unmasking” by the Obama administration;

Sara Carter appeared on Sean Hannity tonight with explosive news about how Obama expanded who could be spied on waaaay back in 2011! He did it again in 2015! It’s looking like Obama could be in a whole heap o’ trouble! The only problem with nailing Obama on this is that we have people like John McCain and Lyndsey Graham who aren’t fighting to get to the bottom of this. It’s no secret that they really aren’t fighting for the American people but are fighting again the Chair of the Intel Committee who is doing his best to get to the bottom of the spying.

How scary is this to anyone who thinks the government can’t spy on them:

“The justification for requesting unmasking (revealing your identity) can be as simple as claiming “the identity of the United States person (you) is necessary to understand foreign intelligence information or assess its importance”. It does sound far-fetched but just ask FOX News reporter James Rosen who was spied on by Obama. Yes, Barack Obama spied on Americans by using the excuse that it was “necessary” to expose the name of the person the NSA was spying on. In other words, the use of intelligence information was mishandled for political purposes by a dirt bag president who only knows Chicago politics…

So Obama spied on Trump, right? Well, if he spied on James Rosen then you know damn well he spied on Trump. Yes, this backdoor form of political espionage by an outgoing administration trying to monitor its successor on the world stage is as bad as it gets…IT’S BANANA REPUBLIC BAD…
As his presidency drew to a close, Barack Obama’s top aides routinely reviewed intelligence reports gleaned from the National Security Agency’s incidental intercepts of Americans abroad, taking advantage of rules their boss relaxed starting in 2011 to help the government better fight terrorism, espionage by foreign enemies and hacking threats, Circa has learned.

Dozens of times in 2016, those intelligence reports identified Americans who were directly intercepted talking to foreign sources or were the subject of conversations between two or more monitored foreign figures. Sometimes the Americans’ names were officially unmasked; other times they were so specifically described in the reports that their identities were readily discernible. Among those cleared to request and consume unmasked NSA-based intelligence reports about U.S. citizens were Obama’s national security adviser Susan Rice, his CIA Director John Brennan and then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch.

Some intercepted communications from November to January involved Trump transition figures or foreign figures’ perceptions of the incoming president and his administration. Intercepts involving congressional figures also have been unmasked occasionally for some time.

The NSA is expected to turn over logs as early as this week to congressional committees detailing who consumed reports with unmasked Americans’ identities from their intercepts since the summer of 2016.

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