Emails and text messages were found on Biden’s laptop (among many other incriminating things).  Some of those emails and texts related to a joint venture that Hunter had with a very shady and now-bankrupt Chinese company named CEFC.

But that isn’t the end of the story.

The Daily Mail has now reported on an assistant that Hunter Biden was assigned while in China who seems to have developed a rather close relationship with Biden, according to reports.

In 2017, Biden entered into a joint venture with a huge Chinese oil and gas company called CEFC despite having no knowledge in the field of such a business.

The Secretary General of CEFC is Patrick Ho.

Patrick Ho

JiaQi Bao is named as Hunter’s secretary.  She is an attractive 29-year-old Chinese American who may have had ulterior motivations beyond just being a secretary.

JiaQi Bao, Hunter Biden’s secretary in his joint venture with CEFC

Patrick Ho was then arrested later that year in November of 2017 on “bribery and corruption charges”

Following this arrest, Hunter’s secretary, Bao began requesting “detailed information on the case–kind of strange for someone in quite a junior position,” according to The Daily Mail.

The Daily Mail reporter also  says that Hunter and Bao become quite close, with her ending up with Hunter’s “military dog tags in her apartment.”

This closeness resulted in Hunter Biden receiving emails including “opposition research” to help Hunter’s father, Joe Biden, in his presidential bid in 2020.  Here a synopsis of the report in this Tucker Carlson interview a Daily Mail reporter, Josh Boswell

More details regarding the emails and texts can be found in lengthy Daily Mail story cited in the Tucker Carlson interview.

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