John Mac Isaac was just a small business owner in Wilmington, Delaware.  After Hunter Biden drunkenly stumbled in to his shop with three laptops that he wanted Isaac to repair, his life would change forever.  A year later, Isaac would turn Hunter’s laptops in to the FBI and Washington Post, and he would be at the center of one of the most significant political scandals in modern American history.

Yesterday, the New York Post released excerpts from the book that describe Isaac’s encounter with Hunter Biden and the salacious material he initially found on his laptop.

The material included hundreds of pornographic images of Hunter and images of barely legal women that would be found later on.  Isaac also discovered Hunter’s illicit business dealings, which are now the subject of an FBI investigation.

Isaac also needed Hunter’s password to access his laptop so that he could repair it.  His password was analf*ck69.

The New York Post Reports

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“The preview image in the right column was clearly displaying the customer. He was wrapped in a red scarf and wearing what looked like a jock strap. I couldn’t help but chuckle.

“How embarrassing!” I thought. “Who on God’s earth would feel comfortable with this lying around on their desktop?”

But I shook it off and continued down the list of files. It didn’t take long before another one appeared, and then another. Hunter, with his salt-and-pepper stubble, stared into the camera attempting to look cool while taking a naked selfie. Gross.

“How many of these does he have?” I wondered. It wasn’t just him alone either. Although it looked like he was having a love affair with himself, there also were photos with women. “

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