Hunter Biden continues to find himself in hot water while being investigated for suspected tax fraud by the US Attorney’s office in Delaware.

On Tuesday, Biden’s ex-girlfriend, Zoe Kestan, testified before a grand jury as part of the ongoing investigation into Biden’s “tax affairs”. Kestan’s testimony lasted nearly five hours, during which she answered questions about Biden’s whereabouts and spending habits in 2018.

Kestan, 28, is currently a lingerie and textile designer whose online handle is “weed slut 420”. After her name surfaced in their investigation, federal agents tracked Kestan down at her NYC apartment to subpoena her to testify before the grand jury.

Zoe Kestan

She was asked by the grand jury about hotels Biden stayed at throughout 2018, and whether she knew where all his money was coming from. Kestan admitted that she did not,  in fact, know where Biden got all the money he spent.

She testified that Biden (52) would have her withdraw “thousands of dollars at a time” from ATMs, which she could use to buy clothes, food, and other items. Kestan also listed multiple high-priced hotels the two of them would stay at, including the Four Seasons, Mercer, SIXTY SoHo and Soho Grand hotels in Manhattan and at the Hollywood Roosevelt, NoMad, and Jeremy West Hollywood in LA. Kestan also said they stayed for a month at the popular Chateau Marmont in LA.

Biden and Kestan posing in a mirror selfie.

It was at the Chateau Marmont that Biden learned how to cook crack, which he revealed in his 2021 memoir, Beautiful Things.

Lunden Roberts, the woman who sued Hunter Biden for paternity of her 3-year-old daughter (and won), was also seen at the federal courthouse in Wilmington, Delaware. Roberts testified in front of the grand jury as well but declined to publically discuss her closed-door testimony.

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