If you thought Hunter’s business deals were shady, just wait!

History repeats itself, but with a different Democrat duo. Why the media silence? Could it be Democrats didn’t want you to know this?

Facebook and Twitter famously censored bombshell reporting by the New York Post on Hunter Biden, and it was clear that any negative news on Hunter would be ignored or suppressed by the media.

100 Percent Fed Up reported in May of 2021 that Biden’s son Hunter took 411 trips across 29 countries between 2009 and the middle of 2014. That includes 23 flights into or out of Joint Base Andrews—home to Air Force One and Air Force Two.

The media ignored the mystery of why Hunter Biden traveled to the above destinations, and it seems they are again ignoring another powerful Democrat’s child traveling internationally with their parent (on taxpayers’ dollars).

This time the parent and child are House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her son, Paul Pelosi Jr.

It is very curious that the media somehow overlooked Nancy Pelosi’s son tagging along to Taiwan.

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Jesse Watters exposes Paul Pelosi Jr.’s alleged shady business dealings.

Jesse Watters of “Jesse Watters Primetime.” discussed the revelation that Hunter Biden isn’t the only son of a powerful Democrat allegedly conducting shady business dealings. The son of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Paul Pelosi Jr., traveled to Taiwan with his mom. Watters questioned how the media somehow missed that Pelosi’s son was with her in Taiwan, especially since he didn’t try to hide it.

Which the media conveniently ignored.


We told you about Hunter’s escapades, from being bribed with Chinese diamonds to funding a Russian sex trafficking ring, but we just found out Hunter has some competition. His name? Paul Pelosi, Jr. As far as we can tell, he’s never had a real job. The kind you have to punch a clock. So, what does Pauly Jr. do all day? Well, last week, Nancy snuck little Pauly on her plane to Asia. 

His name wasn’t listed as part of the official delegation. They didn’t want you to know Paul went to Asia with his mom, but if you look closely at the photos, there he is, Pauly P. Jr., about as unqualified as Hunter with all the big dogs there in Asia. He was also caught by foreign photographers in Singapore and Japan.

The U.S. press, who covered every move Nancy made in the Pacific, somehow never noticed that her son Paul was along for the ride. He was even wearing the same purple tie he wore when he went to Ukraine. Oh, you didn’t know he went to Ukraine? 

Well, yeah, we didn’t either. You won’t find any trace of this on the speaker’s website because she didn’t want you to know about Pauly Jr. What was your son doing there? He’s not an elected official. He’s not an advisor to Nancy. He doesn’t even live in Washington, but he was greeted as royalty by the president of Taiwan.

If you thought Hunter Biden’s business deals were shady, just wait. Pauly Jr. Is on the payroll of two lithium mining companies and Asia just happens to be a lithium gold mine, and Taiwan just happens to be a world leader in lithium battery production. He’s also heavily invested in Singapore’s energy sector. Wasn’t that another stop on Nancy’s trip?

 Oh, it was, and that sure looks like him right there. We’ve been calling and emailing the speaker’s office all day to confirm this. They won’t pick up the phone or write back, but we need to know because these are valid questions. South Korea is another place where the Fresh Prince does business. Just a few months ago, his company struck up an EV battery deal there. What do you know, Nancy, went to South Korea also. We didn’t get any pictures of Pauly there, but maybe he took a quick trip himself to China alone. I mean, his mother’s always been very interested in that country. 


Paul Pelosi Jr. was definitely visible during Pelosi’s trip.

Foreign photographers also caught him in Singapore and Japan.

He was even wearing the same purple tie he wore when he went to Ukraine. Oh, you didn’t know he went to Ukraine? 
A user posted the following on Twitter:
Paul Pelosi Jr.accompanies his mother on her trip to Taiwan, the same role for Nancy Pelosi as Hunter Biden played for Joe Biden, enriching the crime family through influence peddling.

Bradley Reed posted on Twitter:

It’s JUST coming out today that Nancy Pelosi snuck her SON on the plane for Nancy’s trip to Asia! We ALL know Paul Pelosi Jr. has ties with FIVE China companies & MULTIPLE criminal investigations domestically. It seems Paul Jr. rivals Hunter’s corruption.

The Corrupt History Of Pauly P Jr.

A user posted the following on Twitter, and it seems to echo Watters thoughts:

Paul Pelosi Jr. Traveled with Mommy on her recent trip, yet no logs show him on the flight. Yet, there’s nothing to hide. Censored attendance lists and videos via news sources, yet the foreign media shows it all. Truly a separate legal and arrogant maneuver to hide another scam.

Waters concluded, “Where have we heard this story before? Well, suppose you’re one of the five families. In that case, you get to fly around on government planes, take taxpayer-funded trips, meet and greet foreign leaders, and have dinners overseas with executives eager to do business with rich American political families. These politicians are supposed to be doing business for you, not their families. And we keep catching them redhanded,”

Paul Pelosi Sr. was otherwise engaged and didn’t make the trip with Nancy and Paul Jr.

Paul Pelosi, Sr’s arraignment came a day after Pelosi’s wife, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, rattled the U.S.-China relations trip to Taiwan, which Beijing considers part of its territory. And it comes a week after reports that he sold millions of dollars in Nvidia stock leading up to a House vote on a bill that would impact the industry.

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