Former Secret Service member and current radio host Dan Bongino has a lot to say about how the media handled Hunter Biden’s laptop–and it’s all true.

Dan Bongino, who previously served as a member of the Secret Service, lays into the media for how they initially treated the story around Hunter Biden’s laptop. Bongino frequently quotes journalist Glenn Greenwald throughout his scathing video, exposing how the media deliberately misled the public on the veracity of Hunter Biden’s laptop, with many major and “trusted” companies, such as the New York Times, either explicitly calling it misinformation, and others like NPR refusing to cover it, stating that it was a “pure distraction.”

Glenn Greenwald

Greenwald writes: The backlash against this reporting was immediate and intense, leading to suppression of the story by U.S. corporate media outlets and censorship of the story by leading Silicone Valley monopolies. The disinformation campaign against this reporting was led by the CIA’s all-but-official spokesperson Natasha Bertrand (then of Politico, now with CNN), whose article on October 19 appeared under this headline: “Hunter Biden story is Russian disinfo, dozens of former intel officials say.”

One example of deliberate media mismanagement, Retweeted by Greenwald, is found below.

Greenwald and Bongino each go on, in their own distinct yet similar ways, to explain just how the CIA-inspired psyop took place. Greenwald explains that the official reports by the intelligence officers which Democrats and the media interpreted as unequivocally decrying the laptop as disinformation actually claim that there was no evidence of Russian disinformation. Rather, the fifty-some intelligence officers went on intuition in exclaiming propaganda.

Yep. A hunch. A gut feeling. And the media ran with it.

Bongino also calls for a boycott of the media titans that ran the disinformation campaign (ironically, pushing a narrative of disinformation itself) surrounding the infamous laptop, stating that the danger and damage inflicted by the companies “changed the course of American history for the worse.” I couldn’t agree more.

Additionally, Bongino and Greenwald both aptly note that by applying the baseless label of “disinformation” to the laptop, tech companies were given free rein to censor those reporting on it on social media.

Suppression of relevant evidence surround corruption in one of the presidential candidates not only showcases a clear agenda from the media and intelligence offices, but it also altered the course of the election. If more people had been allowed the details of the Biden family’s corruption, it’s likely that he would have received even less of the vote. Although, Democrats cheat either way.

The story around Hunter Biden’s laptop is all the evidence you need that the intelligence services, the media, and the Democrat party are all in a deep alliance.

You can watch Bongino’s full video below:

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