“Bullying isn’t just beating someone up or taking their lunch money. It’s anytime you call someone a name or write something mean on their Facebook page.”
“Bullies pick on kids who are different or who think they’re different.”

Lady Gaga, who protested in front of Trump Towers against Trump’s election and mocked Melania Trump for wanting to work on the prevention of bullying in schools, says it’s important to have “tolerance’ for others in the video below:

“Comedian” Kathy Griffin goes on expletive rant. We’re not sure how many times she tells Trump to, “F*ck off,” but it’s quite a few. We’re pretty sure her outrageous behavior based on her abject hate for Donald Trump would be considered “bullying” by teachers and parents alike. But then again, Hollywood celebrities and those on the Left are experts at telling us and our children how to behave. Rules and socially acceptable behavior just don’t apply to them.

Watch full-fledged bully Kathy Griffin’s embarrassing anti-Trump, “F*ck You” rant:(WARNING*** Vile language***)

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In a much less offensive tweet, Adam Levine had this to say about Donald Trump on Twitter (you know social media, where the celebrities in the anti-bully video warn kids are bullied).

Here’s Cher calling Trump a “F*cking idiot” and “Hitler” in front of a crowd of Hillary supporters. Remember, she’s a role model for kids of how not to bully other people right?

These are just a few of the outrageous and hateful things some of these celebrities have said about Trump or about his supporters. These are the same celebrities who are preaching tolerance, open-mindedness, and accepting others who are different or hold different views. These celebrities continue to shine a light on themselves for all to see, proving what we’ve said all along, liberals are NOT very tolerant of anyone who doesn’t share their views, and if you don’t…they will publicly humiliate and shame you.

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