In his final pitch to voters in the upcoming midterms, President Biden has nearly ignored all the big issues of the day such as the economy, immigration, and crime to focus on demonizing Republicans.

Biden and Congressional Democrats have staked the midterm elections on voters believing that Republicans are a ‘threat to democracy’ as the Justice Department and FBI have increasingly targeted Republican politicians and activists.

MSNBC talking heads have gone so far as to claim that voters who are concerned about inflation and considering voting for Republicans as a result of it are similar to Nazi supporters in Weimar Germany.

The primary reason that Democrats believe Republicans are a threat to Democracy is because of their support for election integrity and that some Republicans have questioned the results of the 2020 election.

As it turns out, Biden himself has refused to commit to accepting the results of the midterms while claiming that Republicans who do so are ‘un-american’ and breaking the law.


“As I stand here today, there are candidates running for every level of office in America. For governor, Congress, attorney general, secretary of state, who won’t commit, that will not commit to accepting the results of the election that they’re running in. This is a path to chaos in America. It’s unprecedented. It’s unlawful, and it’s un-American.” Biden said.

In a separate interview, he said that the elections could ‘easily be illegitimate’ because of election integrity efforts in red states.

MEDIA QUESTION: A moment ago, you were asked whether or not you believed that we would have free and fair elections in 2022 if some of these state legislatures reformed their voting protocols. You said that it depends. Do you — do you think that they would in any way be illegitimate?

BIDEN: Oh, yeah, I think it easily could be — be illegitimate. … I mean, imagine if those attempts to say that the count was not legit. You have to recount it and we’re not going to count — we’re going to discard the following votes. I mean, sure, but — I’m not going to say it’s going to be legit. It’s — the increase and the prospect of being illegitimate is in direct proportion to us not being able to get these — these reforms passed.

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