The Biden White House seems intent on milking the Covid-19 pandemic for all its worth.  After Fauci claimed that the pandemic was over, the White House dressed him down and forced him to issue a correction.  Fauci subsequently said that he would not be attending the elitist White House Correspondents Dinner based on an ‘individual assessment of his personal risk.’  Instead, he attended a crowded WHCD pre-party.


The Daily Mail Reports



“Dr. Anthony Fauci was spotted cozying up to CNN host Don Lennon at a White House Correspondents’ Dinner pre-party after saying he would miss the main event citing an ‘individual assessment of his personal risk.’

Former Donald Trump political advisor Sean Spicer took to Twitter on Sunday to share a snap of Joe Biden’s top medical advisor posing with the broadcaster and his partner, real estate agent Tim Malone.

‘Fauci bailed on attending the White House Correspondents’ Dinner because of ‘individual assessment of my personal risk.’ … he just went to the [crowded] pre-parties #WHCD,’ Spicer captioned the photo.

The snap was taken at the 27th Annual White House Correspondents’ Weekend Garden Brunch Saturday, which TV and political figures such as CBS News presenter Gayle King, Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg and White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki also attended.

Lemon also shared a selfie featuring Fauci, Malone and himself at the same event on Instagram.”

Last month, Fauci attended the Gridiron Dinner in Washington D.C.  The dinner turned into a superspreader event as at least 80 out of 630 attendees tested positive for Covid.

President Biden planned to wear a mask when he was not speaking at the White House Correspondents Dinner, but pictures from the event show him greeting audience members without a mask after he was finished with his speech.

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