In what can only be described as bizarre, a female pretending to be a male performing as a woman, who calls herself a “drag king,” performs “Empty Chairs at Empty Tables,” a song about the French Revolution from the musical Les Misérables, in front of a group of self-proclaimed Communists protesting in New York City.

At the start of the video, taken by independent journalist Drew Hernandez, a black woman dressed in a black, cropped t-shirt with “Black Lives Matter” printed on the front, who calls herself the “Drag King,” bursts into a ridiculous lip-syncing show for her fellow comrades.


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Sorry, Black Lives Matter, but this movement stopped being about George Floyd when the first window was bashed out of a storefront window and the first molotov cocktail was thrown through the window of a black-owned business. This performance by a drag king wearing a Black Lives Matter t-shirt in front of a group of self-proclaimed communists, who are bragging about burning American flags just sealed the deal.

No one should take this movement seriously—not for one more second.


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