Better known as the right arm of the Democratic Party propaganda machine, the Washington Post isn’t exactly known for its fair or honest reporting.

Tonight, with one tweet, Donald Trump Jr. landed a knock-out punch to the Jeff Bezos-owned publication, who for five years dogged his family with fake news stories, using “anonymous” sources in an attempt to destroy them. From a fake Russia dossier, “perfectly fine” calls to Ukraine’s president, and other concocted fantasies about the Trump family, there wasn’t a single manufactured story created by the Democrat cabal The Washington Post didn’t unfairly cover.

Now that Joe Biden’s officially the most unpopular “president” in American history, The Washington Post has been using the same deceitful practices they used to harm President Trump and his family to cover for Joe Biden.

Ashley Parker of The Washington Post attempted to blame the hugely popular  “F**k Joe Biden” chant that’s being shouted at sporting events across America on who else—President Trump, and of course, his family and supporters.

The Washington Post was forced to issue a correction for her article that falsely claimed a crowd of supporters chanted “Let’s go Brandon!” during his speech in Georgia, but that’s not exactly what they said…

Here’s a portion of her article:

The ubiquity of Trump signs, especially in rural stretches of the country, has long been striking, and possibly unprecedented for a losing candidate — especially nearly a year after the election. But now, in towns like Boise — in states both red and blue, and almost all across the country — anti-Biden signs are cropping up as well, frequently with angry and profane insults.

Some of the signs are scrawled by hand. Others are bought on Amazon. Still others are professionally procured. The crude signs are held by people lined up along Biden’s motorcade routes and clustered near his events. Protesters shout obscenities from outside his appearances.

Then there are the chants. In early October, a “F— Joe Biden!” cry broke out among the crowd at Alabama’s Talladega Superspeedway. Kelli Stavast, an NBC Sports reporter, was interviewing NASCAR driver Brandon Brown live on air at the time, and she quipped, “You can hear the chants from the crowd, ‘Let’s go Brandon!’ ”

Trump’s Save America PAC has even begun selling a $45 T-shirt featuring Biden’s black-and-white visage above the phrase “Let’s go Brandon.” And the PAC sent a message to supporters that read, “#FJB or LET’S GO BRANDON? Either way, President Trump wants YOU to have our ICONIC new shirt.”

The former president’s son, Donald Trump Jr., has repeatedly promoted the meme, and the original chant, on his social media feeds. At a speech in Georgia in September, he took the stage after the crowd had been chanting “USA! USA!”

“There’s a couple other chants I’ve been hearing going around,” Trump Jr. said. “Have you heard the other one that’s been going around?” The crowd took the cue and broke into cries of “F— Joe Biden!”

The vitriol has even entered the House chamber. Rep. Bill Posey (R-Fla.) wrapped up a floor speech this week with the sign-off, “Let’s go Brandon.” Then, in a jarring return to House decorum, he concluded, “I yield back.

Buried at the bottom of the article is a correction:

Correction: A previous version of this article incorrectly said a crowd broke into a “Let’s go Brandon” chant during a Donald Trump Jr. speech in Georgia. The crowd broke into a “F— Joe Biden!” chant at that speech in September. The error, which was inserted by an editor, has been corrected.


Unfortunately, we don’t have the uncorrected version of Ashley’s article, but Donald Trump Jr. made sure everyone knew the Washington Post issued a statement of correction for the lie about what the crowd chanted in reference to Joe Biden’s disastrous ten months in office.

Along with a screenshot of Washington Post’s  correction, Trump Jr. tweeted:

This is the greatest correction in the history of journalism! Thanks @washingtonpost

Chad Gilmartin called out The Washington Post for another significant correction after they were caught lying only five days ago:

Quite the correction from @washingtonpost

… Border Patrol arrests are NOT the highest since 1986:“Historic data shows fiscal year 2021’s figure was the highest total EVER RECORDED.”

The Washington Post deserves to be called out for its dishonest reporting of the news. Do you agree?

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