The hysterical Terrence Williams weighs in on the news that “Poverty Pimp” Maxine Waters might run for POTUS:


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Maxine Waters was just on CNN telling Joy Reid that she is calling for the impeachment of President Trump. She’s like a broken record. The people are sick and tired of this constant drip, drip, drip of Russia…

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We know people like Waters refuse to work with Trump. This woman is a grifter and has not done anything for the people she represents. She owns the housing crisis and is on video lying about the bubble that was about to burst:

NEVER FORGET! Rep. Maxine Waters and Barnie Frank pushed the false narrative that the housing market was just “fine”…Please listen to Maxine Waters and others lie about the state of Fannie Mae…These people have never been called on the carpet for their corruption!

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