Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) proves once again, why Americans continue to call her level of competency into question.

The woman who is third in line to become the President of The United States just stood in front of a room full of union members and completely fumbled through her delivery of basic sentences to the crowd.

The video, provided by American Mirror, shows Pelosi stuttering through a speech while garbling the name of a city in China she describes as being part of a “pivotal moment.”

This is really a pivota…ah…pivotal moment. 

You know, last week we um…was it last…um…last week? I’m um…losing track of the days. Last week was the um, celebration of the Golden Spike of from (mumbles a garbled made up city) China.


Did I say I was closing? I’m just gonna say it again.  I’ll close by saying this, ‘Uh…I, uh… congratulate you for this um, wonderful conference.’

I want to again, congratulate you. I’m not gonna say your initials, I’m just gonna say the whole word here.

Nancy fumbled through her note cards and held them up for everyone in the crowd to see that she was searching for the card with the names of the groups she had just spoken with. “The American Road and Transportation Builders Association and the Association of General Contractors of America,” Pelosi continued.

We just have to stick with the program…[laughs]…just stick with the program and again, um—I’m confident it will happen.

Thank you all! [laughs and waves] Thank you, again! 


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