Now that the Mainstream press has had an epiphany, American Citizens can finally speak somewhat openly about the origins of the Wuhan Virus. Surprisingly, it only took the partisan-hack media an extra 18 months after President Trump first said it, to conclude that there is a high probability that the corona bat virus came from the Level 4 Lab in Wuhan China, which was studying gain of function corona-viruses using bats. Brilliant conclusion.

It has to be vindicating for those who have voiced their suspicion regarding the Wuhan Lab’s role in the creation of the virus, to be on the verge of being proven right. Many have lost their jobs and reputations after a year of being doxxed, censored, and even worse, labeled as dreaded conspiracy theorists. Then again, “conspiracy theorist” was a made-up term designed to discredit those with whom people in power disagreed or wanted to silence.

Jon Stewart mercilessly mocked the non-sensical denial regarding the Wuhan Virus origins:

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Clay Travis took to Twitter today to vent, ‘In the space of a year left wingers and their allies in big tech have moved from ridiculing and silencing anyone who suggested covid may have come from a Chinese lab, to ridiculing anyone who doesn’t believe covid came from a Chinese lab. It’s head spinning.’

At this rate, we can expect the extreme left to start threatening people who still insist on wearing a mask. Just kidding.

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