In case you missed the beginning of President Trump’s CPAC speech, he was quick to call out the fake news media. A heckler began to yell during his speech and was promptly removed by security. Trump didn’t skip a beat when he began to speak directly to the fake news media warning them:”For the fake news media… It was only one person.”
He was calling them out for the lies and exaggerations on just about everything the president does.
It’s a great moment…the president is fearless AND so funny!

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It was a great speech by President Trump. He touched on just about every topic including his bald spot. In case you missed another lighthearted moment:

President Trump began his CPAC speech with a self-deprecating comment on his bald spot: “I try like hell to hide that bald spot, folks, I work hard at it.” Hysterical! In case you haven’t seen the Daily Mail in-depth look at Trump’s bald spot (see below), it’s absolutely ridiculous. He’s turned what could have been a gotcha moment by the press into a self-deprecating moment that’s really funny.

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