This is the definition of insanity. Los Angeles is painting streets white because…GLOBAL WARMING. Mark Dice has some great insight into just how unbelievable it is that a city would actually try this. The change in temperature is only 10-15 degrees cooler! What happens when drivers are blinded by white streets while driving? The cost is $40k per mile for a city that can’t even fill pot holes? Only in California!

Los Angeles is painting some of its streets white in an effort to keep the city cool.


The white seal coat, made by a company called GuardTop, is sprayed on roads by a truck. A team of city workers with squeegees then distribute the seal coat evenly across the surface.

Dark-colored or black asphalt absorbs between 80% and 95% of the sun’s rays, heating up LA’s streets up to 150 degrees F. The light-coated streets, on the other hand, reflect much more of the sun’s rays and are an average of 10 to 15 degrees F cooler than regular asphalt streets.

LA STREET SERVICES TWEETED: “Ten deg cooler on summer aft”

While the coatings last for seven years, they are expensive, costing about $40,000 per mile.

But these cooler streets also reflect less heat onto buildings, saving on air-conditioning costs and reducing the effects of climate change.


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