From the “You can’t make this up” file…

A 911 call released Tuesday sheds new light on what may have happened when a man was shot by one of his own booby traps while he was trying to feed squirrels at his Cleveland County home.

The incident happened around 11:30 a.m. Monday at a home on the 100 block of Blevins Drive. Investigators say a 69-year-old man opened his back door to feed the squirrels outside, and that’s when the booby trap went off.

When he opened the door, officials said, a shotgun went off and hit him in his arm.

In the 911 call, you can hear the man tell the dispatcher “I blew my arm off.”

“I have a tripwire and I opened up the door, and the tripwire went off and blew my arm off,” the victim said. “I’m going to die. I’m in the driveway, I’m going to die. Just tell everyone I love them OK?”

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A responding deputy applied a tourniquet to help save his arm and stop the bleeding until EMS arrived. Deputies said the shotgun was just one of several booby traps the man had set up around his home.

Here’s the crazy 9-11 call. **Language warning**



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