Shocking footage has emerged from the Edmonton area of London, England, showing a man who is believed to be donning Islamic garb chasing and firing a gun at a group of young men as they desperately flee the scene, the Daily Mail reported.

The clip seemingly shows the man, who is believed to be wearing a thobe — an Arab garment that looks like a robe — chasing and firing shots in broad daylight near a local shopping center on Thursday before turning and quickly sprinting away.

The man who recorded the incident from a balcony above the scene and wished to be identified only as “Andrew” told the Daily Mail that he began filming after he noticed the commotion that was unfolding in the streets below.

“I looked over and decided to record it. I honestly thought it was some guys having a punch up or something like that,” he said. “There was a lot of commotion and then these kids broke out of the crowd and ran away and the guy with the gun ran after them and opened fire.”

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