The trend with all of Biden’s nominees continues. Every single nominee for Biden’s administration has been evasive when asked key questions during testimony before the Senate. Today was no different…Biden’s HHS nominee Xavier Becerra refused to condemn partial-birth abortion and abortion based on sex or disability during his confirmation hearing today. Becerra didn’t answer with a yes or no but decided to tell a story about how his mom prays for him.

Montana Senator Steve Daines asked Biden’s HHS nominee Xavier Becerra if there is an abortion restriction he could name that he might support.

Becerra answered:

“Senator, let me try to respond this way…I have tried to make sure on this important issue for so many people where oftentimes again we have different views but deeply held views that I have tried to make sure that I am abiding by the law because whether it’s a particular restriction or whether it’s the whole idea of abortion uh whether we agree or not we have to come to some conclusion and that’s where the law gives us is there.”

Senator Daines tried again to get an answer out of the nominee:

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“Just to be clear, is there any line you would draw? Is there just one restriction as it relates to abortion so you might support?”

Becerra answered:

“Senator, you’re talking to the spouse of an ob-gyn who for decades has practiced saving lives of women and babies, and I can tell you that from the stories I’ve heard from Carolina, my wife, I know how hard many women struggle just to save the life of their baby. And so what I would say to you and I know that right now as I speak, my mother has blessed me this morning as
I got ready to come here, and last night, I know when she prayed the rosary as she does every day, uh, every evening with my aunt, that she said a prayer and included me in that.”

Senator Daines calls out Becerra for not answering the question again.  He went on to confront Becerra on whether he would support a ban on the lethal discrimination of babies diagnosed with down syndrome.

Once again, Becerra didn’t answer:

“And so Senator, once again, if I can simply say to you that I respect the different views that are out there.”

Senator Daines pushed to ask about a ban on sex-selective abortion, but Becerra wouldn’t answer with a yes or no.


“What I can say is that I will make sure that I’m respecting the law on those issues.”

After the exchange, Senator Daines tweeted out about Becerra’s refusal to answer him:


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