President Biden apparently cannot walk up stairs, but he can walk back comments he made Wednesday night attacking all Trump supporters and ‘MAGA Republicans’.

On Wednesday, the President delivered a Hitler-esque speech with Marines in the background where he called all Trump supporters a threat to Democracy and to our country.

The speech received widespread pushback from Republicans and Independents alike because of its Fascist aesthetics and rhetoric that seemed like it was coming from an Authoritarian dictator.

During a press conference the day after the speech, the Washington Free Beacon asked Biden for clarification on his comments from the night before.

Biden walked back his extreme statements, saying that he doesn’t ‘consider any Trump supporter a threat to the country’.

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Does Biden even remember giving his speech Wednesday night?  We’ll never know.

Breitbart Reports

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President Joe Biden tried Friday to walk back his dark political speech from the night before after receiving considerable backlash for trying to portray supporters of former President Donald Trump as radical extremists who threatened the United States.

“I don’t consider any Trump supporter to be a threat to the country,” Biden replied when asked by reporters at the White House about why he decided to say that Trump and his supporters were a threat to democracy.

The president tried to narrow his definition of exactly who he was talking about when he said “Donald Trump and MAGA Republicans are a threat to the very soul of this country” in his speech Thursday night at Independence Hall in Pennsylvania.

“I do think anyone who calls for the use of violence and fails to condemn violence when it’s used, refuse to acknowledge an election has been won, insists upon changing the way in which the rule – you count votes,” he said. “That is a threat to democracy. Democracy. And everything we stand for.”

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