Joe Biden continued his cluelessness when trying to participate in a meeting or just complete a thought today during a meeting in Boise, Idaho. The complete video from CSPAN is at the bottom of this article and is worth the watch. It shows a rambling Biden without interruption until the feed is cut. The two video clips below also show Biden can’t follow and remember. Isn’t that something a president needs to be able to do?

Biden: “I Guess That’s Who I’m Turning It Back To…I Don’t Know Who.”

The feed was cut when Biden rambled:

Trump would never do this or put up with being cut off. This isn’t the first time Biden’s feed has been shut off. It has happened several times.

The entire video of the meeting is below. At the 7:35 point, Biden begins with a bizarre response of laughing when the director says, “NIFC is a place and not an organization.” How is this funny?

Biden speaks at the  13:26 point, and it’s a “folks” moment where Biden quotes an Irish poet. Oh boy! And then he panders to the firefighters with rhetoric that means nothing. You have the full support of “my government.”

Biden reads from the notes that were prepared for him using the “folks” line again. When he says, “You know, folks,” it means that Biden has lost his place and is back to reading.

During his remarks, he suddenly shouts while reading stats. Then another “folks” comes out and he continues.

This sets up a chance for Biden to take credit for supplying firehoses. He’s looks down and reads from his script, then he looks up and brings up his ‘Build Back Better’ plan. He says it’s a bill he “put together” and then continues to try and sell it.

Biden says, “We can’t continue to try and ignore reality.”…and then he pivots to global warming, saying it will never get better. Wait! Didn’t he just say he’s going to ‘Build Back Better’?

He continues rambling and telling stories until his feed is cut. It is a rare look into Biden’s pathetic declining mental state.

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