A New Jersey woman won an appeal in a case where she is now allowed to have anti-Biden/pro-Trump signs on her lawn. The New Jersey Supreme Court ruled in her favor saying this is a 1st Amendment issue.

The Daily Mail reports the New Jersey Supreme Court vacated a municipal judge’s decision ordering Andrea Dick of Roselle Park, New Jersey, to remove three “profane” anti-Biden/pro-Trump signs on her lawn or face daily $250 fines or jail time.

The signs have been hanging since Memorial Day. Neighbors complained about the obscene language and gesture near a school. One of the signs showed Trump extending both middle fingers over the words ‘F**k Biden.’

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After the ACLU-NJ (shocking) challenged the judge’s ruling on behalf of Andrea Dick and her mother, who live in the Roselle Park home.

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New Jersey’s Supreme Court just ruled to allow Dick to continue to display the signs.

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