Alyssa Bethencourt of local El Paso News reported on how Brandon Judd, the President of the National Border Patrol Council, said:

“I have never seen worse policies” while discussing President Joe Biden’s border policies. Biden canceled every great border policy President Trump implemented to help close the border as soon as he was in office, creating an invasion of illegal border jumpers from all around the globe.

Many bleeding-heart liberals aren’t considering how many murders, rapes (see below), and other crimes are committed AGAINST the people who have been lured from their homeland to try to cross America’s border.

One recent example from a congresswoman who met a girl who drug runners gang-raped:

Biden, Pelosi, and others have blood on their hands for their support of open borders.

Newt Gingrich said it best when he said that the Biden administration is thrilled with the invasion happening at America’s southern border. Everything is going as planned for them. They flood America with illegals and leave the taxpayers holding the tab. Illegals are being bussed all over the place and dropped off. Who pays for this? YOU DO!

Do these invaders look like harmless young kids and mothers?

According to one Texas official, it’s only getting worse:

During a segment on Fox News today, Texas public safety officer Christopher Olivarez warned that border crossings are “increasing” and that criminals were “exploiting” Biden’s border crisis.

Just ask Tennessee, whose governor declined the illegals, but the feds sent them anyway. Now the citizens of that state will be footing the bill for the illegals.

This is all happening under the Biden/Obama effort at continuous “transformation” of our country.

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