On Tuesday, President Donald Trump delivered a keynote speech at the America First Agenda Summit in Washington D.C.

There was much speculation leading up to this appearance regarding whether or not he would be announcing his plans for a 2024 reelection campaign. While Trump did not explicitly announce such plans, he certainly alluded to them in his speech, assuring his supporters that he will not stop fighting for the country that he loves.

Trump acknowledged that his life would be much simpler if he was to step out of the political spotlight and stay quiet, but he confirms that he will not hide from those who aim to tear him down. Rather, he will continue to work towards the preservation of America, its greatness, and its freedom.

Trump said,

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“If I renounce my beliefs, if I agree to stay silent, if I stayed at home and just ‘took it easy,’ the persecution of Donald Trump would stop immediately – it would stop. But that’s not what I will do. I can’t do that… I have to save our country.

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Trump also spoke optimistically about America’s future, saying,

“America’s story is far from over. And in fact, we are just getting ready for an incredible comeback, a comeback that we have no choice but to make – we don’t have a choice. We won’t have a country if we don’t make it. Through strength, we will restore our safety. Through hard work, we will rebuild our prosperity. Through courage, we will reclaim our liberty. Through love, we will repair our unity. Through success, we will rediscover our pride. And through unyielding determination together, we will make America stronger, safer, freer, greater, and more glorious than ever before.”

While MAGA supporters still anxiously await a presidential campaign announcement, it seems as clear as ever that Trump isn’t going to back down in the face of adversity, and he isn’t done fighting for his country yet.

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