Thank you, Senator Ron Johnson, for calling out DHS Secretary Mayorkas on his lies. At about the three-minute mark in the video below, Senator Johnson calls out Mayorkas for not providing numbers of where illegals have gone. He wants numbers and said, “I want them now!” The numbers that Senator Johnson reads out are stunning, but he wants to know how many of the illegals have been let into the interior of the U.S.

While Mayorkas continues to claim the border is under control, Joe Biden didn’t get the memo on that. The video below of Biden at the UN shows him admitting that the border is not under control.

Note that the chart behind Senator Johnson is evidence that the border is not under control!

Senator Johnson spoke with Dana Perino on Fox News before questioning Mayorkas:

“Calling Biden ‘incompetent’ is being kind to him.”

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Biden admitted today that the border is not under control as Mayorkas lies and says it is under control:

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Mayorkas refused earlier today to say the border is in crisis:

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