Six months ago, Steve Cortes, a loyal Trump ally and former Trump campaign advisor, was hired as a co-host on Newsmax.

Cortez is not shy about his opinions and has openly criticized the effectiveness of COVID vaccines on social media.

Yesterday, the former Trump campaign advisor retweeted an excellent question by Joe Norman, who asked if we’re “going to chase every variant vaccine and force it into the entire population each time?”

Nate Fischer responded to Norman’s tweet by asking about consequences for “officials and “experts” who mandated a vaccine that doesn’t even protect us from the virus 3 months later?”

On November 5, he tweeted he would not comply with Newsmax’s authoritarian COVID jab mandate.

He tweeted:

I will not comply w/ any organization’s attempt to enforce Biden’s capricious & unscientific Medical Apartheid mandate. I will not be forced into the injection, nor will I disclose my vaccination status. No one should be pressured to choose between medical privacy & their job.

Yesterday, after the dishonest mainstream media hit the panic button over a new COVID variant, Pfizer announced they were already testing a new vaccine against it. Cortes retweeted a headline from CBS News about the announcement, saying, “What a surprise, Pfizer wants to inject you. Again. Don’t let Big Pharma run your life. We’re sovereign citizens. Your family’s medical decisions shouldn’t be compelled – not by Government, Employers, or Schools.”

Given his views on the COVID jab and his strong objections to companies mandating employees get the jab, it should come as no surprise that after only six months of working for the cable news network, Cortes, who co-hosts the weekend show with the former One America News Network’s Jenn Pelligrino, is walking away from his job as a co-host on Newsmax’s “Cortes & Pellegrino” show over his objection to being forced to get a COVID jab.

According to the Daily Beast, Cortes’ relationship with the network was already on thin ice over Cortes’ failure to accept the November 2020 election results.

“It’s been ongoing for a while,” one current Newsmax staffer told The Daily Beast, adding that Cortes is “a constant risk” due to his penchant for making controversial and inflammatory comments.

“He’s on a delay. Can’t trust him,” the staffer further noted, claiming Cortes’ nightly program utilizes a broadcast delay to give the network an opportunity to censor potentially inappropriate content.

Another Newsmax insider suggested threats of litigation have loomed between Cortes and the network, while another current network employee said his exit was most likely “because the ratings for [the Cortes] show suck” and Newsmax is just looking to make a change.

“He still insists the election was stolen,” the staffer continued, pointing out that such claims are verboten on Newsmax airwaves as the network faces billion-dollar lawsuits for amplifying baseless voter-fraud conspiracy theories. Voting technology companies Smartmatic and Dominion have both filed defamation cases against Newsmax for “knowingly and continuously” selling a “false story of election fraud” following Trump’s electoral loss.

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