In November, four University of Idaho college students were brutally murdered in Idaho with a hunting knife.

Moscow, Idaho police said on Saturday that they had more than ten investigators looking into the murders and that nearly 50 FBI agents are working to discover the identity of the murderer, including a number in Moscow itself.

Still, they have not been able to publicly identify a suspect nearly a month after the gruesome incident occurred.

The police have released confusing and sometimes contradictory information about their investigation into the murders.

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In one instance, the police claimed with absolute certainty that the killer targeted the four victims and then later retracted and said they were not sure if the victims were targeted or not.

Moscow is also the home of the University of Idaho, the state’s largest university and research institution.

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This weekend, they will be having their commencement ceremony for fall semester graduates, raising concerns that the killer could strike again.

Police advised people to travel in groups and keep their phones with them ahead of the ceremony.

The Daily Mail Reports

Idaho cops have sparked fears the murderer who killed four college students could strike again as they warned youngsters attending commencement to stay in groups.

Moscow Police told visitors to the city to keep in touch with their friends and family and stay vigilant during the celebration on Saturday.

The commencement ceremony marks an ‘important weekend’ for the city and will see a large influx of visitors coming into Moscow from out of town.

But Police Chief James Fry offered some reassurance his department is deploying more officers to the streets and university for the event.

The warning comes after four college students were brutally stabbed to death in their off-campus home on November 13. Four weeks on the killer is yet to be caught.

‘With commencement this weekend, there will be an influx of people coming in from out of town. Moscow Police Department and Idaho State Police will provide coverage on campus and in the Moscow area,’ police said in a statement.

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