In an interview with Fox News, Idaho Sheriff Kieran Donahue warned of the growing crisis facing his community as Mexican drug cartels are becoming more and more prominent thanks to the United States’ poor control of our southern border.

As major numbers of drugs and criminals are able to cross into the U.S., drug cartels are increasing in size and power throughout the country.

2,000 miles away from the southern border, Sheriff Donahue’s county in Idaho has reached a “crisis stage.” Donahue reports, “We have never seen the numbers of seizures and the amounts of any drug, including methamphetamine, like we’re seeing in fentanyl. And of course, we’re still dealing with the methamphetamine crisis we’ve been in for years. And every bit of this substance – these illegal narcotics – come from the border, without question.”

Canyon County, Idaho Sheriff Kieran Donahue

Even Sheriff Donahue, who is a well-seasoned veteran when it comes to dealing with the Mexican drug cartels, expresses a sense of being overwhelmed by the growing cartel issue that’s been exacerbated by the border crisis.

“There is not a day or night goes by that we’re not dealing with someone associated with the Mexican cartels, at least in our community and communities throughout the state of Idaho,” said Donahue.


“We are at war with the cartels… And people who don’t believe that are absolutely hiding from the truth, including [DHS Secretary Mayorkas],” he continued. “This is absolutely ridiculous to think that we’re – that this border is secure and that we’re safe in our community. We are not. We are on the cusp of complete collapse.”

DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas

Sheriff Donahue then says that DHS Secretary Mayorkas is “idiotic” to say our border is secure and safe. “We are simply not safe in America because of our battle with the Mexican cartels,” warned Donahue. “They literally control that border and they’re controlling the towns and cities across this country.”

WATCH full interview below:

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