Guest Post by Becky Behrends, M.D. and Vice President of Research for Michigan Citizens for Election Integrity (

Reuters recently released a report noting that Kamala Harris has demonstrated “low poll ratings, a failure to win over the Washington establishment, and concern among fellow Democrats about an underwhelming start in the job.”

Former West Wing White House officials have said that “her engagement on policy is lacking,” and the president does not see her as somebody “who takes anything off of his plate.” In a report from The Boston Globe, it was noted that there is disarray and dysfunction among her staff. The vice president’s office has been described as “not a healthy environment and rife with dissent.” Much of this is due to her “frequently inarticulate and cringe-making remarks in interviews and before audiences.” As far as accomplishments in the area of public policy and legislation, her achievements have been “close to nonexistent.”

It appears that the Democrats have backed themselves into a corner. Harris was chosen as Biden’s running mate on the basis of race and gender. This is what happens when the “white supremacist” notion of meritocracy is trashed and discarded. Vetting someone for a job used to mean determining if someone actually was qualified with the right skill set and knowledge base. Now it too often means choosing the winner of the “Oppression Olympics,” i.e., the one who checks off all the intersectional boxes of “oppression” or being a minority. Black? Check! Gay? Check! Transgender? Check! Female? Check!

The goal of identity politics was to promote inclusivity. It has done just the opposite. In fact, even liberal publications such as the British Guardian noted this in a 2018 article entitled “How America’s Identity Politics Went From Inclusion to Division”. It is demonstrably exclusionary, in fact.

Even leftists try to outdo each other. Consider the acronym LGBTQ, which originally started out as LGB. Then it morphed into LGBTI and then into an alphabet soup of LGBTQQIAAP as more and more “me-too” groups wanted to jump on board the inclusion bandwagon.

Why? Because if you’re not in, you’re out! Thus, on a daily basis, in social media, “transgressions” are being called out. One of the newly defined sins is “cultural appropriation,” which is the belief that groups have exclusive rights to their own histories, symbols, and traditions. Therefore, how dare Beyonce wear a traditional Indian bridal outfit! A student op-ed at Louisiana State University claimed that white women styling their eyebrows to look thicker looks a lot like ethnic women and therefore is taboo as “cultural appropriation.” Oberlin College students complained when the school cafeteria modified recipes without due respect for Asian cuisines (making Asian Tacos is a no-no as it blurs the ethnic lines too much). Even those on the left are getting sick and tired of this. One progressive Mexican American law student said, “If we allowed ourselves to be hurt by a costume, how could we manage the trauma of an eviction notice?”

We have become a society of snowflakes and bleeding hearts. Those of us in the baby boomer generation were told, “stop complaining,” “grow up,” or “put on your big girl panties”(Or, in today’s parlance, “big, genderless panties!”) Bill Maher made the statement,” The Democratic party made the white working man feel like your problems aren’t real because you’re just “mansplaining” and you need to “check your privilege.” But, you know, if your life sucks, your problems are real.”

And for some individuals, their problems are so “real” they have become “safe space invalids.”Just witness this confrontation at Portland State University between Professor Peter Boghossian and a group of social work students.


Boghossian resigned from PSU because the school (which he labeled as the Social Justice Factory University) had been “hijacked by maniacs.” He witnessed the publication of absurd papers such as “Do dogs suffer oppression based upon (perceived) gender?” Meaning, are human beings oppressing “queer” pooches that sexually assault other pooches. Yep, taxpayer dollars are funding universities cranking out studies about “canine rape culture” in Portland dog parks. Just can’t make this up, folks! Heaven help us with this new and improved (??) generation of social workers! Houston, or “Portland,” we have a problem!!

And so it goes. The parade of identity-oriented groups knows no end.

The Peter Principle is in full gear! Remember that? It is the concept that people tend to be promoted to the level of their incompetence. Gee, you are so awesome; let’s kick it up a notch and promote you all the way to the top! Problem is, nobody is vetting these people for competence and merit. But, excuse me, I must check my “white privilege” because to even raise this issue is racist.

Thus, we have the following:

The “honorable” Senator John Fetterman from Pennsylvania- has been hospitalized for five weeks for “post-stroke” depression. It has become the “where’s Waldo” issue in the Senate. He is cognitively unfit to be a Senator, but to point this out, one is guilty of “ableism” or picking on someone who is disabled.

Sam Brinton, the non-binary drag queen appointed by Biden to look after nuclear waste (Deputy Assistant Secretary in Dept of Energy). An MIT graduate and self-proclaimed “kink activist.” Under investigation for grand larceny felony charges of stealing luggage and purses at airports.

Rachel Levine, assistant secretary for health in Dept of HHS. Transgender woman. And according to USA Today in 2022, “Woman of the Year.” She was in charge of the Pennsylvania health department during Covid and was responsible for cooking the books on Covid data. Such as reporting non-Covid deaths as Covid to keep federal dollars flowing in and seeding nursing homes with Covid patients.

But, we must realize that merit and accountability don’t matter as long as the right group identity boxes are checked.

So, now, what to do about the “cackling hen” VP Kamala Harris? If Biden gives her the boot, he might alienate minority and female voters. After all, she is the first woman of color (or should we say, “woman of cackle”) to occupy the vice presidency.

However, the majority of polls show that Americans do not like her and consider her to be incompetent; thus, she is a big liability.

As Forest Gump famously said, “stupid is as stupid does.” So, let’s not judge all these Biden administration folks by their looks (yep, forget the cross-dressing and inappropriate giggling) but by their actions.

Problem is, on that score, i.e., ACTION, they all miserably fail!

Message to “word salad” Kamala. Pack your bags. There may be a job for you in California teaching kindergartners. After all, when asked about Ukraine, she responded, “Ukraine is a country in Europe. It exists next to another country called Russia.” This is what identity group politics has given us. It is dangerous to have incompetent and dishonorable people leading our nation.

Time to wake up America and stop all this nonsense!

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