Social justice snowflake warriors on the Ohio State campus, who are potentially alive today, because a brave campus police officer was able to take down an Islamic terrorist hell-bent on killing his fellow students, have crossed over from reality to the land of liberal fantasy and well, downright stupidity.
Last month, an Islamic student drove his car into a group of students on the Ohio State University campus, got out of his car and began stabbing and slashing them with a butcher knife. Campus Police Officer Alan Horujko was hailed as a “hero” quickly arrived on the scene, demanded the terrorist drop the knife. When the terrorist ignored him, Horujiko shot and killed the Islamic terrorist. Before he was shot and killed, the Islamic terrorist injured 11 innocent people (who may have been casualties if the campus cop “hero” didn’t step in and end their nightmare).

“Justice and due process don’t come from a bullet”

Warning…what you are about to watch is real. These are not actors. This is not a skit. 


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