The Cuban vote is a conservative vote so Hillary and Bernie might want to steer clear.

Every election cycle, media outlets beg the question of whether Miami’s Little Havana will finally sway Democrat. After spending an afternoon in south Florida’s most famous Cuban neighborhood, the prospect once again seems unlikely.

Ahead of Florida’s primary, Little Havana’s Cuban-Americans are enthusiastic about a local figure with similar life experience in Senator Marco Rubio (R-Fla). But they still hold the value of a GOP nominee over any individual candidate.

Brenda Betancourt, a notary public at the Calle Ocho Chamber of Commerce who paints on t-shirts and canvases in her spare time, told Independent Journal Review she voted early for Rubio, saying, “we prefer somebody that we know than a stranger.”

She added that she has never once cast a vote for a Democrat because the party’s platforms are counterintuitive to the American experience:


“I will not vote for either Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders. I don’t think that giving everything away without the person working is in the American dream. I think everybody has to work and earn what they need.”
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