The news that Joe Biden is a possibility for anything in a Clinton cabinet is truly frightening! The groping gaffe-filled vice presidency  of Biden has only proven it’s time to put Joe out to pasture!

Vice President Joe Biden has reportedly been added to a potential shortlist of Hillary Clinton’s choices for secretary of state if she were to be elected president in November.

The Clinton campaign has not formally reached out to Biden but has put him at the top of its list, Politico reported, citing a source familiar with the matter.

Biden, a former chair of the Senate Foreign Relations committee, has played an integral role in President Obama’s foreign policy decisions and the Clinton team believes he would be a good fit for her administration.

Biden and Clinton have known each other since her days as first lady and worked together while Clinton was secretary of state. Their relationship somewhat soured last summer, though, as Biden’s political team gamed out a possible presidential run.

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