“Black-ish” star Jennifer Lawrence thinks President Trump needs to step down for crimes he never committed. When it comes to fellow actor Jussie Smollett’s fake hate crime, as a way to reportedly pad his paycheck, she’s feeling compassion for him.

Last month, TMZ asked how the”Black-ish” star would respond if President Trump was told by prosecutors — if you resign from office, we won’t prosecute you or your family? A very angry Lewis lashed out, saying if President Trump has “broken the law, then he should not be above the law.” Without any evidence of her claim, Lewis accused President Trump of being mentally ill, demanding that he “step down!” She continued with her rant, accusing him of being a poor example for “our children” saying he’s “making fun of the mentally ill” and “disabled.” There is no clear evidence that either of Trump doing either of  those things, nevertheless, accusing him of doing those things is apparently good enough for Lewis.

If Maxine Waters had a sister who was an actress, her name would be Jennifer Lewis. It’s hard to imagine, but Blackish actress Jennifer Lewis is almost a mirror image of the single-issue (“Impeach Trump”) lawmaker.


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Last night, during the Oscars, People caught up with “Black-ish” actress Jennifer Lewis, to get her thoughts on the Jussie Smollett situation. The People reporters and the “Black-ish actress, (who calls herself “25% actress and 75% resistance”) went out of their way to not name the hate crime hoax actor, Jussie Smollett.

Lewis started out her interview by hawking her new book, saying she wrote if for “the millennials.” The People reporter, who went out of his way to not name Jussie Smollett,  started out by telling the actress that “this has been a very hard couple of days, with some of the controversies that have taken place,” asking her “How do you stay positive, how do you stay hopeful?” Again, without naming Smollett, the reporter asked, “What do you say, ‘cuz you talk about millennials a lot. “When they see a story like this when things might not have gone the way people thought?  Lewis helped the People reporter to keep Smollett’s name out of the scandal he created, saying” Look, I’m not gonna lie to you, I’m one of the most compassionate people on this planet. I love people. I’m an entertainer. But when we make a mistake,” Lewis paused, saying, “When we, I mean, who knows the true story? But I do that we have to have compassion.”  Lewis continued saying, “the temperament of the country right now is fragile.” Somehow, the conversation turned to Lewis telling the reporters, “Our job right now, is to stand together on the front line and say, ‘no,’ when we know it’s not right.”

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Lewis, found herself in the middle of a controversy last month when she reportedly would’nt back a fellow “Black-ish”cast member who was fighting for equal pay to another male actor on the show.

Last month Pop Culture reported, Black-ish stars Tracee Ellis Ross and Jennifer Lewis reportedly caused the show to shut down production over a feud.

“Tracee can’t stand Jennifer and vice versa, they’re like oil and water, they don’t mix well,” a source close to the situation told Radar. “They’re just like their characters — Jennifer wants to be the boss and Tracee isn’t having it.”

Lewis was accused of not supporting Lewis, her fellow female “Black-ish” actress, in her fight to get equal pay to a male actor on the show.

But…when it comes to a black, male actor who fakes a hate crime, as a way to get a bigger paycheck, all bets are off.



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