Even though this #BlackLivesMatter terrorist clearly calls for the killing of Whites and cops in her YouTube videos, Latausha Nedd  denies it. No word yet from her mother yet on how she wouldn’t harm anyone and doesn’t have a racist bone in her body…


A “BlackLivesMatter” activist in Clayton County, GA, was (finally) arrested after making threats against police officers on her YouTube channel.

Latausha Nedd – who calls herself Eye Empress Sekhmet – was arrested for making threats against police officers and taken into custody. In the video of her arrest, she claims since her threats were on a YouTube channel, they were somehow innocuous. But Nedd has built up a pretty good resume of violent, racist and criminal calls to bloodshed.

Here’s the video where Nedd declares “open season” on the “motherf*cking crackers,” points a gun at the camera and shows images of white police officers.


WSB-TV is reporting Nedd denied advocating killing cops, even though that’s precisely what she did.

“This is about a YouTube video? I’ve seen worse on YouTube,” Nedd said from the back of a police cruiser. “All I said was defend yourself against people who want to kill us. That’s all. I never said anything more than that.”

Nedd claims she’s harmless. But according to police, her words are as dangerous as any weapon.

Here she is protesting Stone Mountain with more racist, anti-American #BlackLivesMatter idiots:

stone mt. racists

“It’s also the reaction she solicits or anyone solicits from people who may be listening,” Register said.

Nedd remains in the Clayton County Jail, charged with making terroristic threats and transmitting those threats through social media.

Nedd has been involved with the “BlackLivesMatter” movement for some time. Here’s a delightful image of the young lady standing on an American Flag on Memorial Day.

nedd on flag

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