If Obama had a son…this kid makes excuses for his violent behavior. 

A teen who slashed the face of a Greenwich Village busboy told cops he did it because he wanted to show he’s not a “p—sy,” according to recently released court papers.

Domincio Howington, 16, admitted he was in Silver Spurs restaurant Feb. 17 asking for fake donations for a basketball team when Bobby Barbot asked him to leave and escorted him out.

“He gave me a little shove,” the teen told cops Feb. 23. “I called him a name under my breath….He took a swing and hit me. I hit the tree. I’m not a p—sy so I went up to him and sliced him.”

Barbot, 25, was cut from his cheek to his chin and needed 130 stitches, said assistant district attorney Eun-Ha Kim.

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Howington admitted that Barbot was walking back into the restaurant when he flipped open the red-handled knife.

“He had his hand on the inner door of the vestibule to open it when I sliced him in the face,” the teen allegedly told police. “I aimed for his face. He shouldn’t have touched me. I have to show my face at that place.”

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