A social media blogger/influencer ‘Thee Lavynder Lee’ recently posted a video on TikTok where she let white people know that they are “anti-Black” if they go see the new Marvel movie, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, on its opening weekend.

Lee mockingly addresses her white audience, calling them “would-be accomplices” and “white allies,” putting the latter in air quotes.

“This message is to all the white people who have ‘BLM’ in their bio,” she continues. “If you really want to prove to black people that you love us and you care about us and you are down for our cause, do not go see that movie opening weekend.”

She then insists that all white people should buy a ticket, but then “give it to a black person or black family.” Lee then says that white people should sit outside the theater doors to “make sure that every black person in that theater can enjoy that movie in peace.”

She adds that white people should also “use [their] body to block [black people] from anybody who would be coming in that theater to do [black people] harm.”

“To do anything other than this is anti-black,” she concludes.

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