All we’ve been hearing all week is anti-Trump rhetoric from the RINOs in Washington who’ve failed the American people. If there’s one thing we all should come together on is the fact that Hillary Clinton would be the anti-gun president. This is something we need to care about and should make all Americans work like crazy to keep Hillary out of the White House!

Last week, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton told viewers of an MSNBC “townhall” that her efforts to enact gun control would start her “very first day” as president. This week, a Washington Post article titled, “Can Clinton make good on immigration, guns?,” shed some light on her anti-gun plans. Rather than rely on the quaint notion that the legislative branch should be relied on to legislate, Clinton appears intent on bypassing Congress and pursuing her gun control agenda by executive fiat.

In describing her strategy, the article notes, “Clinton and her allies in and out of Congress are gradually building a legislative agenda that would focus on immigration issues in Congress while mostly relying on the executive power of the presidency to further gun restrictions that would have little chance of becoming law.”

Later on, the piece elaborates on one of Clinton’s contemplated executive measures, stating, “Clinton would go further than Obama to broaden requirements for background checks and narrow loopholes that allow largely unrestricted trafficking of guns online.” This is followed by a quote from Clinton campaign press secretary Brian Fallon, who told the Post, “Building on the steps pursued by President Obama, Secretary Clinton will take administrative action to require that any person attempting to sell a significant number of guns be deemed ‘in the business’ of selling firearms.”

The contours of Clinton’s plan to restrict the private transfer of firearms are unclear, however, even more hazy is just where Clinton thinks she would obtain the authority for such an action.

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In January, President Barack Obama announced a series of executive actions on gun control. The centerpiece of the highly publicized effort was the issuance of ATF guidance clarifying when an individual must obtain a Federal Firearms License, and thus transfer firearms pursuant to a background check. At the time, the Obama administration made perfectly clear that they were doing everything within their lawful authority to pursue gun control administratively.

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