PC is killing our country. This is called fighting back…

While counterculture crackpots are working themselves into a lather over the prospect that, in some places, men who think that they’re women can go tinkle in the same restroom where a 6-year-old girl is pulling down her panties, one state legislator has decided that it might be time to push back.

transgender bathroom legislation

Indiana State Sen. Jim Tomes, who probably accepts basic biology and believes that people born with a penis are male, proposed a bill that would make it a Class A misdemeanor for trannies to use a bathroom that doesn’t correspond to their birth gender.

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state senator transgender bathrooms

Last week, Tomes uttered the following line that’s sure to ignite tempers among the social justice mob: “If you were born a man, then you are obliged to use the males’ restroom.”

What’s next? A hereditary monarchy?

Anyone convicted of a Class A misdemeanor could face a year in prison and as much as a $5,000 fine.

It should be noted, though, that the language in the legislation makes exceptions for janitors, first aid providers, and parents accompanying children under the age of 8.

The bill does, however, cover schools. So if it passes and Little Boy Twinkletoes decides that he needs to use the girls’ locker room after gym class, then he’s facing charges.

Indiana saw some action in the culture war last year when the state passed a religious freedom law. That law was widely opposed by American liberals, who hate religious freedom.

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